We don't just call ourselves a hotel tribe, we act like one.

Everyone who walks through our doors becomes part of us and experiences what it is that makes us special. So what do we have in common? We’re a true tribe. We like people. And we put our heart and soul into everything we do. We ensure the success of the 25hours concept through the trust and respect that we have for each other.

Our jobs in the hotel

Michael End

Chief Operating Officer

The operations and processes of the seven hotels must be controlled and coordinated. He is responsible for the staff members in the departments of revenue management, reservations, and sales and operations, making him the person with the biggest staff responsibility within the head office.
He completed his professional hotel training at the elegant Elysée Hotel in Hamburg and gained his bachelor’s in hotel and tourism management at the University Center César Ritz in Brig, Switzerland.

General Manager

Operations Manager

Front Office

Human Resources





Sales & Marketing

Our hotels stand out for their character, but with you they get a soul.

We value personalities and the stories behind them. Because we are only as good, as special and as inspiring as the people who work for us. It is their optimism, their empathy with our guests, their curiosity, their enthusiasm for what they do each day and their truly personal touch that make 25hours what it is today.

Staff stories

Anna Hoffmann

General Manager of the 25hours Hotel Das Tour, Düsseldorf

Anna can almost be described as part of the furniture at 25hours. After numerous positions at various 25hours locations, she is now working towards a position as a Hotel Director as part of the Growth Programme. Anna is a passionate host and is looking forward to further developing the 25hours Hotel Das Tour with her team. Always by her side is her dog, Giada.

Kevin Köhler

Senior Bartender at The Paris Club in the 25hours Hotel Das Tour, Düsseldorf

After studying IT, Kevin went to the European Bartender School in Berlin and has worked as a qualified bartender ever since. He’s now an indispensable part of the team at The Paris Club. Kevin particularly cherishes the freedom to customise an individual cocktail at the customer’s request. ‘Always creating something new – hidden from the bar menu – is so much fun.’

Andreas Schnürer

Key Account Manager at Head Office, Hamburg

From Sales & Marketing Manager in Hamburg to the Hotel Director of two 25hours Hotels in Frankfurt, the Growth Programme helped to make Andi’s progression at 25hours possible. Finally, it’s brought Andi back to Hamburg, where he works as a Key Account Manager in the Sales Team at the 25hours Head Office. You’ll rarely find Andi at his desk. Always on the go, he’s constantly in personal contact with guests and customers. In his work, he appreciates that an open and unconventional interaction with colleagues, partners and customers is valued. “I am a proud and enthusiastic brand ambassador for 25hours.”

Nikki Hazenberg

Sales & Distribution Trainee at Head Office, Hamburg

Nikki is from the Netherlands and completed her hotel and tourism studies at the Hotel and Tourism Institute in Switzerland, before moving to Hamburg as a Sales & Distribution trainee for 25hours. During her studies, Nikki worked as a trainee at the Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire in the south of England, as well as in the head office of W Hotels in Amsterdam. Here at 25hours, she values the modern and unconventional working environment, as well as the opportunity to contribute to two departments.

Andrei Stafie

In-House Maintenance Technician at our 25hours hotels in Hamburg

Andrei has worked with us in his role as In-House Maintenance Technician since July 2018. He has previously worked in Romania, Italy, Spain and Norway and speaks six languages – our very own polyglot. Not a day goes by when Andrei isn’t cheerful, positive and helpful in his dealings with all departments. He’s conscientious, creative and has a solution for every day-to-day problem. “I’m very lucky to have such great colleagues and I learn something new every day. For me, being a technician is a passion!”

Susann Kroh

FO Shift Leader, 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

Susann is the classic hotel management graduate. She has previously worked behind hotel receptions on the Baltic coast and in Switzerland. Since 2014, she has devoted herself to the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin. Susann set up the Communication Centre for all NENI reservations shortly after the hotel opened. After that, she transferred to Reception and currently serves our colleagues and guests in her role as Shift Leader. “25hours appeals to me because of the varied nature of the job and the range of opportunities that it offers for progressing.”

Shoan Masciadri

Front Office Supervisor at the 25hours Hotel Zürich West, Zurich

After training in hotel management and spending time travelling, Shoan started working at the 25hours Hotel Zürich West in October 2019. Shortly afterwards, she was promoted to Front Office Supervisor. But that’s not all: in order to continue improving her skills, she has also begun studying Tourism. Working at 25hours on a part-time basis allows her to combine everything and enables her to pursue her greatest passion from time to time too: travelling.

Jeanette Müller

Front Office Agent im 25hours Hotel The Trip, Frankfurt

Jeanette fell in love with 25hours Hotels whilst attending an Azubi speed dating event. She immediately noticed that the hotels are vastly different from other chains. “I like the unusual lifestyle, the relaxed atmosphere and the flat hierarchies.” She was also very happy that she was allowed to keep her piercings during her training. “25hours accepts me just the way I am, which is great.” Following her training in hotel management at our Frankfurt hotels, she now works as a Front Office Agent at the 25hours Hotel The Trip.

Florian Treml

Junior Housekeeping Manager, 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian

Florian is a genuine “Münchner Kindl” (Munich Child) – he was born in Munich and decided to study tourism management in his home city. At the same time, he was working and gaining experience in the catering industry. Following this, he worked at various 5-star hotels and completed the Mandarin Oriental Management Trainee Programme in Munich and London. He has now secured his first management position at the 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian. The aspects of his job that he enjoys the most are the successful cooperation between different departments and the responsibility entrusted to him.

Anna Katharina Lahr

25hours Things Representative, 25hours Hotel The Royal Bavarian

Anna is a History of Art graduate and worked as an art gallery assistant for four years in Cologne before she joined our tribe. In Munich, she is responsible for the 25h things kiosk. With her eye for beauty and her passion for sustainable, high-quality and amusing products, she’s in charge of a unique range. “I love finding new things and connecting with local manufacturers to show our guests what Munich is all about.”

Sandra Himmeldirk

Event Manager at the 25hours Hotel Das Tour, Düsseldorf

Sandra has a natural can-do attitude. As Event Manager, she not only keeps all our guests happy, but is always developing new event formats, too. In her day-to-day work, she particularly values the openness to simply trying new things. Always different, always unconventional - just like 25hours!

Rachid Ratzmann

Front Office Manager at the 25hours Hotel The Goldman, Frankfurt

Since July 2017, Rachid has progressed from Front Office Agent to Front Office Manager at the 25hours Hotel The Goldman.
He particularly likes the team spirit and also the close links with the other hotels. “The warm welcome that you receive from the other 25hours hotels, as if you worked there yourself, is something that I have not come across at other hotels where I have worked.” Rachid also passes on the 25hours philosophy to new colleagues via internal training sessions as part of his role as a ‘Multi’. Rachid is a fan of 25hours and 25hours is a fan of Rachid’s... and of his band. So much so, that his song was chosen as the music which is played to customers on hold on the telephone system at the 25hours Hotel The Goldman.


EVP of People & Culture

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